Our Goals - Financial, Strategic and Operational

"The ability to work seamlessly with our customers and employees, delivering a clean, secure and well maintained environment."

• Carisway is committed to transparent operational costs and declared profitability.
• Carisway will promote and maintain its existing customer base through its dedication to a personalized service delivery.
• Carisway will work towards developing its Facilities Management Company to offer an ever-greater service package to its clients.
• Carisway will generate new sustainable business in key geographical areas of strength through new and existing customers.
• Carisway is constantly reviewing and benchmarking new technologies, which include PC PDA based FM auditing systems, patrol systems and digitalized radios.
• Carisway will trial robotics and other innovations to further maintain and surpass the high standards we are achieving throughout the industry.
• Carisway has made a commitment to working towards BS 8555 phase one, ISO 14001 and our skills pledge further outlining our dedication in supporting the environment and fellow employees in line with our current ISO 9000: 2008 certification.
• Carisway is an SIA ACS company and is committed to maintaining this standard and working towards BS 7499 for man guarding, BS 7858 for security screening of individuals and BS 7958 for CCTV code of practice thus promoting industry best practice.
• Carisway's bespoke Head Office building will incorporate the use of sustainable energy so that our social impact increases and our environmental impact lessens.

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