Staff Welfare

"The Board recognizes that the wellbeing of all staff is of primary concern, and that investment in the health and welfare of staff is an investment in the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole organization."

Carisway and its subsidiary companies recognize that its employees are its most valuable resource, and that the health and welfare of all its employees is of primary concern and essential to achieving the Board’s mission. Carisway knows that investment in the health and welfare of staff is an investment in the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole organization and is, therefore, committed to producing a caring and supportive working environment conducive to enabling all employees to develop to their full potential.

Carisway embraces its responsibility to staff by ensuring that in all its overall strategic objectives the protection, promotion and support for the health and wellbeing of staff is fully recognized, factored and incorporated. To that end, following its review of management process, the company created the post of SHEQ Manager to introduce and administer a new and comprehensive staff welfare policy.

The policy encompasses the Strategic Aims of our business, our Corporate Social Responsibility charter, our Resource Strategy – absence management, staff retention mechanisms, family friendly policies and the development of the Board as an employer of choice - and Employee Relations Strategy – procedures to encourage performance, involvement and to manage conduct.

Supply Chain Management
Flexibility of response, demands for cost reduction and sustainability and the increasing complexity of product design and production have all led to an increased demand for the critical business process of Supply Chain Management to be fine-tuned. How effective we are at managing this offers significant opportunities to not only reduce cost, but to add value to our customer - key factors in the development of competitive advantage. Supply Chain Management encompasses everything from initial design, through to procurement of material, processing and delivery to our customers. Customer satisfaction is dependent on having the right product, at the right place, at the right time, at the right price - and this cannot be done without an understanding of supply chain management in its entirety.

Carisway entirely understands its supply chain and supports this by developing and communicating its code of conduct and implementing its corporate policy through the monitoring of its suppliers, encouraging both ethical and sustainable progress.

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